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Child Care Foundation was founded in 2011 by Robert Kirangwa. He has come in contact with many desperate people who lack basic needs especially in rural areas where the cost of living is so low. There are high birth rates, so I felt like joining the few people with the heart of seeing change in the lives of these children.

MISSION: To reduce the common barriers that hinder the vulnerable and orphaned children especially the girl child from their rightful needs such as education, health care,
and food as well as ensure child protection.

VISION: An empowered the vulnerable childfor a better future.

MOTTO:"Kindness begins like a ripple of water"


Education. NCF ensures that children realize their right to acquire education and further sees it that they attain skills training that would enable them start up self-sustainable activities to earn a living or get employed.

Health.We ensure that the vulnerable and orphaned children have access to medical facilities and care. It also encourages the guardians to attend community health programs on various issues such as nutrition education, hygiene and sanitation and how as well as ways to deal with preventable diseases.

Child Welfare. Improving the child's wellbeing is key to NCF by facilitating other basic needs such as clothing, shoes, soap, bedding and mosquito nets to reduce the acquiring of malaria , etc thus enhancing proper child growth.

Rehabilitation. Provide counseling services to children who are psychologically traumatized, and in various areas such as career, health, and day today life as well as protection against child abuse.